Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Northfield and the Danno win

I like Lance's new bike.
Northfield went off well, and Jake Boyce and the synergy crew put on a great race.
Grandstay showed up with 5 guys in Jens, Danno, Casper, Schueller, and myself. Jens made some solo attempts, I policed the front, and Casper made a great escape with 6 to go. In the end, Casper got caught, and Danno and I got in the front group after a gap on the top of the final climb. Coming around the last turn Danno had 3rd wheel and I had 5th. I knew he was in the ideal position to win so I went into sweeper mode just in case. But, Danno kicked and I knew he had it well before the line. I finished 3rd, and Schueller rounded off the top ten. Good race. While we talked about the race ahead of time everyone just had the read on each other. I stayed up front to chase and control to be sure it was good for one of the finishers.
Afterwards we went to the Linda/Dan party

Crazy Flander's ladies. Linda has got a bike!

The boys discuss the proper way to cook turkey and veggies burgers on a grill. Give Danno matches and lighter fluid you will have a fire. No worries, Casper and Linda were nearby.

Who is this guy? Flock of Seagulls man.

I have been pretty blown out lately. Travel, races, stress, etc. In the end I am just out for long enjoyable rides. Good shot of a towboat coming under the Winona bridge. I think that is concrete in the barges. Wisconsin has some good riding and it is easy to get lost over there. Besides the multiple flats I had with a torn tire, the ride was good.
TT bike is now set up with the Hed (UCI Legal) Corsairs for Nationals and a new seat. Something was not feeling right with the last one so I grabbed a Selle Italia SLR TI. Odd looking but I think it will work. I have a couple weeks to dial her in.
The Tour has been a good one. I think it will get even better. What a team TT. It doesn't get much better than that. I need some sleep. Ciao -Ian

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