Thursday, August 06, 2009

do you suppose?

Do you suppose if I gave the finger to everyone at the finishline I could have a personal hat with the "finger" logo it? El Fingeralero!

Do you suppose if podium girls were more friendly like these two that our races would be bigger? We need podium girls. We had one at the TT Nats podium. She kissed me twice. I am going back to Nats. See, it worked.

Do you suppose Fumy has been practicing this rare road bike talent or is he about to have a really bad day?

Do you suppose that a coocoo clock would be an incredible first prize gift for winning a time trial? Is that too ironic?

(Thanks Timmer for discovering this photo)
Do you suppose this biker guy just F'ed with me out on the MN State TT course? Hell ya he did. Freak'in prick. Should have seen his face as we came around the corner and there was an officer-of-the-law sitting there. Instant Karma baby!
Weekend off. Hitting the mountain bike and wondering about Downer's next weekend. Racing for sure somewhere. Right Jens? Congrats to Timmer and Cam on the Firehouse TT wins. Timmer went really fast. That is like two TT's in one. Ciao -Ian

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