Friday, August 21, 2009

Zirbs, broken bones, and bike builds

(photo by Jon Devich)
Well, the Tour of Utah was a good test for Zirbel and his equipment. He succeeded even with a bit of illness. Congrats man!
I decided to get my left elbow looked at today only to find what I feared, it has a compressive hairline fracture through the dome of the capitulum. O.k, that does that mean? It means that I cannot crash on this for 5-6 weeks. Other than that, keep on riding. Funny that an X-ray was not needed to know this but we took one anyway. Yesterday was 1.5 hours of deep tissue injury massage. There I was notified of my whiplash. Really? No kidding. I can't move my damn more that 30 degrees. It seems my injuries were worse than they were after the crash. No matter, doesn't stop the riding.
Getting new parts on the mountain bike. New shock that we need to knock down to a 80mm travel from 100mm, new XTR pedals since my Time's have bent bars, a Shadow rear deraileur since it keeps the cable facing rearward and has 4X more spring tension (lost my rapid rise option though), setting up wheels, new chains, and a new front brake caliper (damn this leaving the IS brake mount for this dumb crap "Post" mount thing.) Dumb idea. SO, I have to change all sorts of stuff. Repaired the roadbike from the crash, and put the TT bike back together from it's episode at Nationals.
Blackdog this Wednesday is the last one this year so I should come up and give her one last go for the 2009 season. Plus, afterwards.....
Well, waiting patiently for my camera cord. Ciao -Ian

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