Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Download Cord is in!

I finally got my download cord for my Nikon camera. Thanks to Dewey and his Hong Kong connection. It even came gift wrapped....?

Hell, there is even a couple TTX's missing in this photo. Is Corp and myself were able to fill the garage at Nats.

Jens and his Race the Lake winnings.

Kites and kite boarding on Lake Winnebago

The rare U-23 podium shot at Nats. Bjorn is in the black Livestrong kit. They never called the entire podium up for awards so a "staged" one was required.

Andy (Frankenstein) at Hed has got the mountain rig for Chequamegon this year. Yep, tubular mtb tires on carbon rims with a rear disc with a disc. Got that?
This past weekend was a busy one and required a lot of travel. First off was the Hudson TT. Great course and typical chill environment of a Wisport TT. Traffic was a little nuts on the back of the course and a huge F350 diesel truck almost wiped me out on the centerline. So, I decided to ride near the shoulder and forego the cutting the left lines in the road. Plus, my time is exactly 30 seconds off from what my computer has so there was some timing issues. Bjorn Sealander won. He was smart. He had Dag, his dad, follow him on the course which allowed him to use the whole road. Good win though, he is riding very well. Timmer was there and his Hamms looked damn refreshing. I am looking foward to October.
That night we went to dinner with Dino from Hed before his Eurobike flight. This required a stop at the house to check out the remodeling, meet the new cat "Thundercock," and go to Fed Ex and watch them attempt to make Dino's business cards. A couple Bells Oberon's later the night ended.
Mean Dawg and I met up early in the morning and headed to the State RR in Henderson. The Swansons, Micah, Schueller, Jens, Mean Dawg, and myself made up the Grandstay team for the race this year. Being that I am working on fitness I jammed myself on the front and worked all day. 45 miles of rotation, 20 miles of breakaway, 5 miles of a hard chase, and 1 mile of blowing up on the final climb. Mean Dawg and I worked with the Synergy guys a lot, and then schueller and I got in a break with Patty Cakes, Tony Olson, Hackworthy, and Adam. Patty was attacking me hard and I had to dig with all I had to catch back on to him. I was already partially blown from the first 45 miles and Pat was zapping out whatever else I had left. The race came back together and the race was decided on the final climb. In the end, Dougo won and Grandstay finished the year with the 3 State titles on the road, TT, and crit.
Back to Mpls, I switched out the bikes again for the mountain bike and we headed to Chetek for the cabin. A beautiful night up there and a frozen pizza led to a morning trip up to Hayward to pre-ride the Chequamegon course. Good ride there and back to Mpls, and then back to Winona.
No racing this weekend for me and the next event will be the Henderson two-person TT. Mountain bike time now. Back to coffee and off to work. Ciao -Ian

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