Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Well, this photo sums up my 2009 Chequamegon. Last week I battled a blown up, brand new, Rock Shox fork, had it sent to QBP, and got it back working a bit better. Stress that was unneeded. We got up to Hayward Thursday and bummed around. Friday I went and rode the Short and Fat course along with a few openers across Rosie's Field. My legs were flat and would not open. I knew that this meant for the 40. I felt a bit better on an 8-mile ride to the start but within a few minutes of the start I knew I just didn't have the legs.
The race went like a bat out of hell and all you could so was stay on and not get gapped. I fought back onto the lead group and hung on until right before OO. After OO I dropped and double wrapped my chain around the rear deraileur. Took a minute or so to unwrap it. Regardless, I didn't have the legs and was stuck in no-man's land. A chase group was coming up so I slowed up to wait for them. I jumped into their group and just rode it in for the day. No, I am not happy with 27th place. I am stronger than that but not on this day. Simply no legs. I am still feeling it today.
Cole had a great race and Matter showed us how it is done again.
Cam took second in her first mountian bike race ever. 11th time on the bike and her first Short and Fat she finished 16 seconds from the win. Awesome result and I am very proud of her finish. I can see more on the mountain bike for her in the future. A more competitive bike and some more out!
Tomorrow is Zirbel at the World's TT......awesome. Rumor that Matt Busche signed to Radio Shack........awesome, and one more race of the year....awesome. Brone's Wisport Worlds TT will end it for me. I am in very rough shape physically and mentally right now so I am going to use the race to experiment with a new TT fit I have been working on. Not expecting anything other than what I get from working on this fit.
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