Monday, November 09, 2009

Not much new to report

well, Bjorn is bro'ing down with Lance down in Austin so he is living the dream as he should.
Fall has set in and is about to pass. A mild winter is on tap but who knows what we will really get from winter when it is all said and done. All I know is that I have to learn to skate ski this winter so there is hope that the winter won't be too cold.
Next year is already starting to take shape minus all the stuff I need to sell. 2010 is all about the time trials and a couple ultra endurance mountain bike races. Time trials will be priority to the point that I am working with my old coach, Frank Overton of Fascat Coaching, once again to fine tune and perfect that what needs to be done. I need some stars and stripes in the time trial so I want as many as I can get. Top that with the goal to go to the Masters World's Time Trial as well.
Yes, it is only November but I am beginning to chomp at the bit for 2010. My off-season is nearly done. Good rest and a reset mind.
More on next year soon! Ciao -Ian


dew said...

if you need some skis I'm selling mine.

Meow said...

I think they should modify the name just slightly to FAST-cat Coaching....

Ian Stanford said...

Ya, I have been meaning to ask Frank on what the formulation of his coaching service's name means. Anyway, I can't type right now, too much Surly Coffee Bender.