Friday, February 26, 2010

Gett'in close

Well, the race season is nearly visible around the corner. Some early races in the Midwest are very "weather dependant" but we'll see what they look like as we get closer.
March is also the time I like to get out of here from a week or so. Austin Texas is the destination this year and staying with family that lives in that area. Tucson burned me out last winter and I lost my lust for the beat-to-hell-and-then-patched-poorly-again Mission Rd. Old Spanish Trail Rd. is just that, old. Despite not getting to go to Madera, Saguaro, or Mt. Lemmon, Austin has a bike scene that is more than alive and well. Something to do with this "Armstrong" guy. Apparently he is the first guy to step on the moon or something. Anyway, space junkies must love cycling then.
The last time I was in Texas was for the ALMI Crit many years ago. I found myself in the decisive breakaway with Brad Huff, Jason Sager, and two other dudes. Unfortunately, with our healthy 30 second gap one of the "other dudes" hooked my bars as I was coming off the front and took us down hard. I destoyed both wheels, both hips, road rashed my ankle, knee, leg, hip (both sides), hand, and face. I looked great for the Ride for the Roses the next day.
Just ordered up a Shimano Di2 group for the new TT rig. Thanks Wayne Stetina at Shimano for all the help with getting this going. Monday the current Trek TTX frameset will be up for sale if you are interested. Find it here or
Be sure to check out the happenings at Fascatcoaching as Frank is setting up his own coaching performance center.
And if you have not become wise yet to what the fastest wheels in the world are then you better get on over the the Hed Cycling Website and get with it.
Well, need to find some plane tickets. Think sun and warmth! Ciao -Ian

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