Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wow, I haven't putting something on my Blog for a serious ass longtime. Thank or damn Facebook. I never really got into that Twitter crap so I update that as much as I do to this Blog. But, here I sit in Caribou with nothing to do. After a double-flat ride cut my day short I decided to go kill Best Buy with money I don't have. Hey, I got Idiocracy and American History X for cheap.
One more race weekend ahead. Toftoy and I will head down to the Tour de Gruene in south of Auston, TX to compete in an ITT and 2-man TTT. Along with that I have some demo work to do for Hed Cycling and have to make a stop at Mellow Johnny's to update our stickers on the wheels. After that, a break. Hopefully I can find a discount at the local Lifetime for the off-season.
November also brings on the new Tattoo. (See Below). How I am going to afford this is beyond me but I have put it off for years. Across the center of the back. Looks like I will be sleeping on my stomach for a week.

It has been a year of time trials, disappointment at Nationals (mechanical and rushed travel), and a missed Master's Nats (I had form) to start a long-sought after job at Hed Cycling Products. It is a busy place and the learning curve was to be expected. As with any job you pay your dues at the bottom and work your way up. And while I work that way up there are a lot of things I would like to see finished and "set-in-stone" down here at the bottom. Great place to work with great people. If you have ever met Steve and Anne Hed then you know what I am talking about. Plus, the assembly crew and office staff rock. I could not give you one single name of a person I dislike. I believe everyone has the best interests of this company in mind.

Of course, a real 9-5 job differs from the days of bartending when you have days off to ride, and in return my riding has suffered. But, at 38 going on 39 some important decisions need to be addressed in life. The bike will always be there. It will be the turninga-mya-head on the competition that will be hard to walk away from. A move to the Cities, working full-time, and trying to rest a bit when not at work redefines my priorities whether I wish them to or not.

But, hey, I can live vicariously through people like Taylor in his U-23 Worlds win. I built those wheels, stickered them, and glued the tires on. He went on to win Worlds on them. I am cool with that.

So, new stones are turning and I am excited to see what is underneath them. Maybe things are not ideal but I am happier where I am at now then where I was. That in itself should be the progressive life-goal of any man or woman. Ciao -Ian