Sunday, November 25, 2012

keep it quick!

Oh, what to do about this Blogging thing. I have so much I want to talk about and no time to sitdown and write about it. Hopefully, as things evolve with cycling, work, and the "next step" I can put that all into writing. Meanwhile, a busy week ahead with a work trip to Portugal at the end of the week. Winter is here, I am cold, and i am looking to explore more on the bike instead of always having the need to race it. at my age, it is finally nice to see young Junior riders coming up and taking it to us older riders. Josey Weik, Jordan Cullen, etc. They have opportunties and outlets for their advancements that I never had. Cycling has come a long way in the USA despite all the negative media we hear about the doping situation. Folks, all sports dope. Yes, even golf. So, until we change the culture we will have to deal with it. Cycling is trying to deal with it and it is an ugly process. Regardless, these kids are able to immerse themselves into a beautiful sport. Nothing is more beautiful. Well, surfing through 3 feet of new powder amongst the pine trees and good friends deep in the mountains may be comparable. For me, I want to see more of the world via bike. Not racing in circles on the same course with the same attitudes year after year. I am rediscovering the mountain bike and ultra distance events. However, the culture of the sport lies within Europe and that is where I need to get to in order to save my love for the road as well. Being that there are very few time trials left in the area I plan to use my weekends to train for them instead of wasting time traveling to a one hour criterium. Time is valuable for me especially with work putting me out on the road often. We will see where this all ends up. However, time is flying and I need to grab the reigns a little bit harder! That is all, over and out. ciao -Ian

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