Sunday, November 25, 2012

keep it quick!

Oh, what to do about this Blogging thing. I have so much I want to talk about and no time to sitdown and write about it. Hopefully, as things evolve with cycling, work, and the "next step" I can put that all into writing. Meanwhile, a busy week ahead with a work trip to Portugal at the end of the week. Winter is here, I am cold, and i am looking to explore more on the bike instead of always having the need to race it. at my age, it is finally nice to see young Junior riders coming up and taking it to us older riders. Josey Weik, Jordan Cullen, etc. They have opportunties and outlets for their advancements that I never had. Cycling has come a long way in the USA despite all the negative media we hear about the doping situation. Folks, all sports dope. Yes, even golf. So, until we change the culture we will have to deal with it. Cycling is trying to deal with it and it is an ugly process. Regardless, these kids are able to immerse themselves into a beautiful sport. Nothing is more beautiful. Well, surfing through 3 feet of new powder amongst the pine trees and good friends deep in the mountains may be comparable. For me, I want to see more of the world via bike. Not racing in circles on the same course with the same attitudes year after year. I am rediscovering the mountain bike and ultra distance events. However, the culture of the sport lies within Europe and that is where I need to get to in order to save my love for the road as well. Being that there are very few time trials left in the area I plan to use my weekends to train for them instead of wasting time traveling to a one hour criterium. Time is valuable for me especially with work putting me out on the road often. We will see where this all ends up. However, time is flying and I need to grab the reigns a little bit harder! That is all, over and out. ciao -Ian

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Almanzo 100 or 102.45

last Saturday was the ever growing Almanzo 100 in Spring Valley, MN. a 100 mile cue card guided, deep and plowed gravel, 30 mph crosswinds with 90+ degree heat nightmare of a road race. I have never seen gravel roads so well maintained. Great for cars but not so much on a bicycle. After a mass start on pavement we took a right on to gravel not to see pavement for 98 more miles. We kept the pace high to sort the field quickly until a small group was established. Unfortunately, a lot of guys were tailgunning the rear so when an opportunity came to be for me to get away I took it. 20 miles of solo riding looked to be successful until turning into a hard headwind. My hopes that the chase would fall apart in the same conditions were dashed after a wrong turn check by me and the chase close behind. With 40 miles to go it was best to ride it further with them. After a water break and massive suffering I finally ran out of water at mile 85. Two guys hanging on and the rest suffering I decided to take a hard heads down pull into the final headwind with directions for turns coming from the back. What seemed ideal was a disaster after someone failed to instruct a turn. A two mile correction at mile 99 ruined all our work to win the race. A complete bummer. A sore back, dehydration, headache, back spasms, loss of memory, etc. That best described my day after. Yes, a hard event and required a better racing set up then the one I had brought. A little time for recovery before I ever decide to do one of those again. Ranks top three for suffering.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Long lost and found again

O.k, I thought I gave enough of myself on Facebook and oh so little on Twitter. However, it seems I am encouraged to do more in the "blog world" so this will be a summer of such giving. Where to begin? Well, let me just think about that.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wow, I haven't putting something on my Blog for a serious ass longtime. Thank or damn Facebook. I never really got into that Twitter crap so I update that as much as I do to this Blog. But, here I sit in Caribou with nothing to do. After a double-flat ride cut my day short I decided to go kill Best Buy with money I don't have. Hey, I got Idiocracy and American History X for cheap.
One more race weekend ahead. Toftoy and I will head down to the Tour de Gruene in south of Auston, TX to compete in an ITT and 2-man TTT. Along with that I have some demo work to do for Hed Cycling and have to make a stop at Mellow Johnny's to update our stickers on the wheels. After that, a break. Hopefully I can find a discount at the local Lifetime for the off-season.
November also brings on the new Tattoo. (See Below). How I am going to afford this is beyond me but I have put it off for years. Across the center of the back. Looks like I will be sleeping on my stomach for a week.

It has been a year of time trials, disappointment at Nationals (mechanical and rushed travel), and a missed Master's Nats (I had form) to start a long-sought after job at Hed Cycling Products. It is a busy place and the learning curve was to be expected. As with any job you pay your dues at the bottom and work your way up. And while I work that way up there are a lot of things I would like to see finished and "set-in-stone" down here at the bottom. Great place to work with great people. If you have ever met Steve and Anne Hed then you know what I am talking about. Plus, the assembly crew and office staff rock. I could not give you one single name of a person I dislike. I believe everyone has the best interests of this company in mind.

Of course, a real 9-5 job differs from the days of bartending when you have days off to ride, and in return my riding has suffered. But, at 38 going on 39 some important decisions need to be addressed in life. The bike will always be there. It will be the turninga-mya-head on the competition that will be hard to walk away from. A move to the Cities, working full-time, and trying to rest a bit when not at work redefines my priorities whether I wish them to or not.

But, hey, I can live vicariously through people like Taylor in his U-23 Worlds win. I built those wheels, stickered them, and glued the tires on. He went on to win Worlds on them. I am cool with that.

So, new stones are turning and I am excited to see what is underneath them. Maybe things are not ideal but I am happier where I am at now then where I was. That in itself should be the progressive life-goal of any man or woman. Ciao -Ian

Monday, May 03, 2010

Holy Hell, where have I been?

Well, there it is. That is the new Trek Speed Concept sans their TT bar cockpit. What can I say, as I am finding my fit on it and I am loving it even more. It is going to be a bike that will build an intimate relationship with me. But, for now, that is all I can say.
Racing has started, I am missing Joe Martin due to work, and I am feeling pretty good for what some would call, "An old guy." Well, I know better and that is simply not the case.
Not much more to say for now. When the TT's start then I will have something to say. Changes on the horizon? Well, something is changing. Ciao -Ian